Walking in Two Realms Skirt


“Inspired from my Diné Navajo and Lakota Tribes, this design represents Life and how as spiritual beings are capable of living in two realms at once, the spiritual and physical. In Lakota, when designs are mirrored it symbolizes that as it is above (in heaven in the spirit), so it is below (on earth), also in Lakota the Triangles represent the Forever Spirit, and in the Navajo Tribe the Navajo Sash Belt designs represent the woman who brings forth life. May we all remember we are spiritual beings walking in two realms, walking here below as it is above in life.”~Callie Bennett

Skirt designed by Callie Bennett. She is known for her Art, Photography, Jewelry and Beadwork. She is also an accomplished Musician and Song Writer winning the prestigious Native American Music Award and Indigenous Music Award. To Learn more about Callie Bennett, you can visit her website at https://www.calliebennett.com or follow her on social media.

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A-line Midi Skirt- Jacquard Knitwear.

Made from 100% Cotton.

Colors Black, White and Turquoise

Waist 28″ (Medium), Waist 32” (Large), Waist 36″ (X-Large) and Waist 40″ (XX-Large)

Length  30″

Bottom Width 17″ (Small), 19″ (Medium), 23″ (Large), 25″  (X-Large) and 27″ (XX-Large) 29″

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 in