About Us

Hool’áágóó LLC is Native American owned and operated. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona. We manufacture knitted clothing and accessories with the finest domestic Merino wool and non-natural materials. All designs are inspired by different era, styles and regions of Navajo Rugs. Our products are named after places that we are familiar with on the Navajo Nation. Our family has a long history in the textile business. Our great grand father knitted socks for his customers, our grand mother was a rug weaver and sold her rugs to the local trading post to support her family and our mother crocheted and knitted various art curios. The company name Hool’áágóó means Forever or Infinity in Dine’ (Navajo). We work only with environmentally friendly companies. Our wool are traceable and for our non natural material, we work with domestic sustainable and environmentally innovative companies. Honoring the Lord by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

Pronunciation of Company Name Hool’áágóó in Dine'

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