Ganado Red Scarf


Ganado rug is the one style that many people associate with Navajo weaving. It is typically a large, well woven rug with a deep red background and black border. The central design motifs are the same that Hubbell admired: crosses, terraced diamonds and crosses within diamonds. Smaller terraced forms are often placed in each corner. The borders may be solid black lines or more complex patterns in a mix of black, gray and white. As in Hubbell’s day, the two most prevalent colors in a Ganado rug, other than black and red, are gray and white.

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Our Ganado Red Scarf

Scarf – Jacquard Knitted made from 100% Merino Wool. Approximate Full Dimensions 79” Length X 10.5” Width. Shipping Dimensions in Additional Information. Colors : Burgundy, Black and White

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in

Burgundy, Black and White